CORSAR Card Order Instructions

Before proceeding any further, please read the following instructions:

  1. Electronic Cards:Please note that all cards purchased online will be in electronic (PDF) format. If you would like to purchase a card from an authorized vendor, please click here to see a list of vendor locations. If you are having difficulty with your card purchase, please contact Alex Vercio at or 303-864-8431.

  2. Adding Multiple Cards: You will be able to add an unlimited number of cards to your order by using the " Add Card" link on the order summary screen.

  3. Checkout: You can pay by credit card using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. You can also pay by eCheck if you would like to use your checking or savings account. Your payment information will not be requested until you are ready to checkout.

  4. Please Note: After 30 minutes of inactivity, your session will time out and your order will be reset. This will require you to start a new order and re-enter all information.

  5. Warning: To prevent duplicate information and other undesired results, please do not use the back button on any screen.