Property Tax Revenue Limit Calculations

The calculations shown on form DLG53 are intended to assist local governments in calculating the statutory property tax revenue limitation. This information is subject to change when County Assessors recertify the values for a taxing entity per C.R.S. 39-1-111(5). Please see our county page for links to county web sites.

The statutory "5.5%" Property Tax Revenue Limit, also known as the "Annual Levy Law" (Section 29-1-301, et seq., C.R.S.), applies to most statutory local governments that levy for property taxes. It does not apply to home-rule municipalities.

For subject governments, the "5.5%" limit restricts the amount of property tax revenue that may be collected each year. The local government's limit is calculated by using information found on the Certification of Valuation (CV) sent by the county assessor by August 25 of each year. A final CV may be sent by December 10th for valuation information that the assessor may have changed.

  • For more mill levy and property valuation information please see the Division of Property Taxation's Annual Report.

View Property Tax Revenue Limit Calculations by County

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DOLA Tax Entity Name: Filings:Tax Entity ID: Certifying Counties: 2020 Limit: 2021 Limit:
Yampa View Filings 54030/1 Routt DLG-53 DLG-53
Yampa Fire Protection District View Filings 54029/1 Routt NA WAIVED
Yard Metropolitan District View Filings 66776/1 Douglas NANA
Yarrow Gardens Metropolitan District View Filings 67057/1 Jefferson NA WAIVED
Yellow Jacket Water Conservancy District View Filings 64157/1 Garfield, Moffat, Rio Blanco DLG-53 DLG-53
York Street Metropolitan District View Filings 66716/1 Adams NA WAIVED
Yuma View Filings 63017/1 Yuma NAEXEMPT
Yuma Conservation District View Filings 63016/1 Washington, Yuma NA WAIVED
Yuma County View Filings 63012/1 Yuma WAIVED WAIVED
Yuma County Conservation District View Filings 63014/1 Yuma NA WAIVED
Yuma County Fire Protection District View Filings 63013/1 Yuma NA WAIVED
Yuma County Pest Control District View Filings 63022/1 Yuma NA WAIVED
Yuma County Water Authority Public Improvement District View Filings 66161/1 Yuma NANA
Yuma Hospital District View Filings 63015/1 Yuma DLG-53 DLG-53
Yuma Rural Fire Protection District View Filings 64158/1 Washington, Yuma DLG-53 DLG-53