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Welcome to the Property Owner Preservation (POP) program portal

This website is intended for property owners who are seeking rental assistance on behalf of their tenants to electronically register for the POP program and submit requests for rental assistance. To access the POP program portal you must create an account. As a registered account holder, the use of and security of the account and associated privileges are your responsibility.

This website will guide you through registering for the POP program. As an authorized representative of the property owner requesting assistance, you are solely responsible for the accurate and timely submission to register for the POP program and request assistance.

Testing for this portal was primarily conducted using a Mozilla Firefox internet browser. As a result, users may find that functions within the portal work best when using a Mozilla Firefox internet browser. This portal may also work with Internet Explorer 9+ and Google Chrome. This portal will not work with Internet Explorer 8 and earlier.

When using this portal several screens may have a "Go Back" link. This link should be used rather than using the back button on your internet browser. Using the back button on the internet browser may result in unexpected problems with the portal on these screens.

Account users are responsible for accurately entering all required information. Information may be entered using cut and paste options from other documents. You may save and continue your report or application for completion at a later time.

Financial assistance is only available while funds are available. We expect high demand for these funds and they may run out. The Department of Local Affairs makes no guarantee that by registering and submitting a request that funds will be available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to some needed technical requirements for this system, JavaScript must be enabled on your browser. These features may not be in full compliance with accessibility standards as outlined here. If you have a disability and cannot access certain areas of this system, please contact the Division of Housing for further assistance.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please email:

Acceptance of these terms of use is required prior to accessing the online POP program portal.

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