Local Government Filings - Finance

Local Government: Tailholt Metropolitan District No. 3 (66650)
Type: Metropolitan Districts
Associated Counties: Weld
Document Category and Type Report


Update 2/5/2020: For current official copies of local government financial statements (audits), please use the Office of the State Auditor Portal here: https://apps.leg.co.gov/osa/lg

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02/25/2021 2021 Non-Rated Public Securities Report 02/25/2021 0.12 MB
12/20/2018 N/A Notice of Issuance of GO Debt (DLG32i) 01/08/2019 0.03 MB
12/31/2017 2017 Application for Exemption from Audit 09/06/2018 0.51 MB
12/31/2016 2016 Application for Exemption from Audit 03/15/2018 0.36 MB