Status of CTF and Spending Report
Hotchkiss, Town of (15020)

Distribution Year: 2016
Beginning Conservation Trust Fund Balance (1/1/2016): $0.00
March 2016 CTF Funds Received: $1,066.00
June 2016 CTF Funds Received: $1,704.57
September 2016 CTF Funds Received: $1,053.83
December 2016 CTF Funds Received: $1,209.61
Interest Earned in 2016:
Interest earned on CTF money must be allocated to the CTF account and reflected on this report.
Other CTF Revenue, if applicable:
Only funds repaid to CTF for ineligible expenses or a CTF transfer from another entity are applicable as "other CTF revenue". Grants should NOT be reported as "other CTF revenue".

Total Available Conservation Trust Funds: $5,034.01
Total 2016 CTF Expenditures: $4,726.01
Ending Balance (12/31/2016): $308.00

2016 Spending Report:

Valid Project Codes:

ID: Project Code: Total Project Cost: CTF Funds Used: Other Funds / Source: Date of Expenditure: Project (location and description of work performed)
26445 220 $2,226.01 $2,226.01 1/1/16 -12/31/16 Willow Heights Park, 688 Cedar Dr., Weed control, lawn mowing, maintenance of sprinklers and pump house and irrigation water for park.
26446 220 $2,808.00 $2,500.00 1/1/16-12/31/16 Revenue sharing/Delta County $2500.00-Fairgrounds, 403 N 4th Street