Status of CTF and Spending Report
Cortez, City of (42004)

Distribution Year: 2015
Beginning Conservation Trust Fund Balance (1/1/2015): $24,812.17
March 2015 CTF Funds Received: $19,764.57
June 2015 CTF Funds Received: $23,439.58
September 2015 CTF Funds Received: $20,286.54
December 2015 CTF Funds Received: $18,785.05
Interest Earned in 2015:
Interest earned on CTF money must be allocated to the CTF account and reflected on this report.
Other CTF Revenue, if applicable:
Only funds repaid to CTF for ineligible expenses or a CTF transfer from another entity are applicable as "other CTF revenue". Grants should NOT be reported as "other CTF revenue".

Total Available Conservation Trust Funds: $107,106.50
Total 2015 CTF Expenditures: $39,397.44
Ending Balance (12/31/2015): $67,709.06

2015 Spending Report:

Valid Project Codes:

ID: Project Code: Total Project Cost: CTF Funds Used: Other Funds / Source: Date of Expenditure: Project (location and description of work performed)
25413 210 $8,432.14 $7,486.93 945.21/General Fund 02/01/15 Centennial Park-802 E. Montezuma Ave.- Piping irrigation water from adjacent pond to provide fresh water to and cleaning out existing pond
25417 210 $7,531.26 $7,531.26 0 10/01/15 Golf Course-1706 N Dolores Rd/Driving range chain link fencing project to secure the perimeter of driving range and re-purposing area from ball field to golf course us.
25419 210 $30,956.46 $24,379.25 6577.21/General Fund 09/15/15 Outdoor Pool/803 E Montezuma Ave/Repainting pool and swim lane lines and replacing swimming pool steps.