Status of CTF and Spending Report
Denver, City And County of (16002)

Distribution Year: 2015
Beginning Conservation Trust Fund Balance (1/1/2015): $9,487,844.98
March 2015 CTF Funds Received: $1,468,894.86
June 2015 CTF Funds Received: $1,742,020.47
September 2015 CTF Funds Received: $1,507,688.10
December 2015 CTF Funds Received: $1,396,097.91
Interest Earned in 2015:
Interest earned on CTF money must be allocated to the CTF account and reflected on this report.
Other CTF Revenue, if applicable:
Only funds repaid to CTF for ineligible expenses or a CTF transfer from another entity are applicable as "other CTF revenue". Grants should NOT be reported as "other CTF revenue".

Total Available Conservation Trust Funds: $15,997,491.32
Total 2015 CTF Expenditures: $5,775,532.67
Ending Balance (12/31/2015): $10,221,958.65

2015 Spending Report:

Valid Project Codes:

ID: Project Code: Total Project Cost: CTF Funds Used: Other Funds / Source: Date of Expenditure: Project (location and description of work performed)
24775 210 $171,961.26 $23,042.49 March, June Construction of playground in Paco Sanchez Park (1290 North Knox Court, Denver)
24776 210 $230,241.71 $42.96 April City Park Thatcher Fountain - Design and construction services (City Park, 1700 North York Street, Denver)
24777 210 $7,530,772.76 $643,353.00 Jan - December Commons Park land acquisition - debt payment (Commons Park, 2101 15th Street)
24778 220 $1,462,321.12 $333,259.02 392354.47 April-October CW Athletic Field Rehab - Athletic Field improvements; upgrades & maintenance at athletic fields including ballfield renovation/construction, irrigation repair, fertilizer treatments, and resodding of areas of disrepair. Locations include Lincoln/LaAlma Park (1325 W. 11th Ave., Denver), Argo Park (4700 N. Logan St.), Barnum East Park (500 N. Fed. Blvd), Barnum North Park (3144 W. 6th Ave), etc.
24779 220 $1,072,125.20 $110,241.70 448912.62999999995 Jan.-Dec. CW Courts Rehabilitation - Resurface replace tennis, soccer, basketball courts. Locations include 42nd & Lisbon (4000 N. Kirk St.), Barnum Park (360 N. Hooker St.), Bear Valley Park (6400 W. Dartmouth Ave.), Berkeley Lake Park (4601 W. 46th Ave), Bible Park (6802 E. Yale Ave.), City Park (1700 N. York St.), Congress Park (1700 N. York St), Congress Park (850 N. Josephine St.), etc.
24780 220 $338,007.52 $24,424.99 28465.940000000002 Feb. - Sept. Bible House Repairs/Maintenance/Rehab, Bible House in City Park (1700 N. York St.)
24781 220 $556,872.76 $51,072.00 7433.510000000002 July-December CW Fountain Repairs - Repairs on park fountains including pumps and plumbing. Locations include Beaumont Fountain (19th & Welton), Babi Yar Park Fountain (10451 E. Yale Ave), Water Feature Bear Creek Park (3550 S. Raleigh St), Benedict Fountain (401 E. 20th Ave), Fountain Centennial Park (1301 Elitch Cir), Central Park Interactive Fountain (8801 MLK, Jr. Blvd), etc.
24782 220 $210,153.21 $39,413.84 9635.839999999997 Jan.-Dec. Replacement and repair of CW Furnishings including playground equipment, picnic tables, shelters, benches, grills, etc. Locations include Washington Park (701 S Franklin St), Montbello Civic Center Park (4401 N Crown Blvd), Paco Sanchez Park (1290 N Knox Ct), Lakewood/Dry Gulch Park (1100 N Perry St), Ciancio Park (4001 N Lipan St), Columbus Park (1501 W 38th Ave), Jacobs Park (1101 S Quebec St),
24783 220 $2,870,257.59 $416,385.88 218333.5300000001 Jan.-Dec. CW General Pool Rehabilitation - Repairs of city pools including painting, gate repair, pool part replacement, ADA lift repair, deck repairs, and plumbing. Locations include Green Valley Ranch E. Park (4455 N Jebel St), Berkeley/Scheitler Rec Center (5031 W 46th Ave), Cook Park Pool (7100 Cherry Creek S. Dr), Athmar Rec Center Indoor Pool (2680 W. Mexico Ave), etc.
24784 220 $428,315.96 $14,492.58 417434.34 Jan.-Dec. Design work for river channel and regional trail improvements along S. Platte River and Trail.
24785 220 $791,885.63 $568.46 47509.56999999996 April-Oct. CW Median Rehab - (Alameda Parkway; Logan, MLK Blvd, Speer) - Rehabilitation of parkway medians including landscape and irrigation; serviced medians are designated parkways which are part of Denver’s park and recreation system and open space properties. Scope of work includes fertilization, string trimming, other maintenance.
24786 220 $280,060.20 $90,668.45 170444.58 May - October Citywide Natural Area Improvements in various parks: Design of trail and cheetgrass treatment in Hentzel Park (10300 E. Yale Avenue, Denver), turf rehabilitation in Inspiration Point Park (4901 North Sheridan Blvd.), weed spraying/treatment in Red Rocks Park (16351 County Road 93, Morrison), weed spraying/treatment in Bear Creek Park (3550 Raleigh St).
24787 220 $355,048.09 $30,883.16 188911.09 February - December CW Park Walks - Park sidewalk replacement, construction and repairs in Garland Park (6300 East Mississippi Ave., Denver) and Johnson Habitat Park (610 South Jason Street, Denver)
24788 220 $1,170,786.51 $65,308.73 10946.660000000003 April - October Citywide Parks Rehabilitation - Various capital repairs in parks including roof repair in Columbus Park (1501 W. 38th Avenue, Denver), broadway terrace repairs in Civic Center Park (101 W. 14th Ave Parkway), Sullivan Gateway Site Investigation (City Park, 1700 N. York St), repairs at Elephant House in City Park (1700 N York St), and Verbena Park shelter rehab (1151 N Verbena St).
24789 220 $152,543.88 $13,755.10 March Citywide Park Road Rehabilitation - Pot Hole Repairs/Resurfacing of Various Park Roads including the Dog Park Parking Lot on Josephine (City Park, 1701 N York St), City Park Parking Lot Repairs/Resurfacing (1701 N York St).
24790 220 $2,514,978.93 $446,648.81 468471.9199999999 Jan - December Citywide Playground Rehabilitation including wood fibar for various playgrounds, parts, repairs in playgrounds at the following parks: Johnson Habitat Park (610 S. Jason St), Jefferson Park Playground (2201 N. Clay St), Kennedy Park, Ruby Hill Playground (1200 W. Florida Ave), Westwood Park Playground (4951 W. Kentucky Ave), Lakewood/Dry Gulch (1100 N Perry St), Barnum Park (360 N Hooker St), etc.
24791 220 $746,197.12 $385,926.64 121424.72999999998 November Recreation Center rehabilitation and repair at Highland Senior Center, Highland Recreation Center (2880 Osceloa St)
24792 220 $31,661.21 $31,661.21 Jan.-Dec. Citywide Recreation Center Rehabilitation - Capital improvements and rehab at various citywide recreation centers including: Aztlan Recreation Center (4435 Navajo St), Hiawatha Davis Jr. Rec Center (3334 Holly St), Montbello Recreation Center (15555 E. 53rd Ave), Green Valley Ranch Rec Center (4890 Argonne Way), Highland Rec Center (2880 Osceloa St), Ashland Rec Center (2475 W Dunkeld Pl),etc.
24793 220 $285,857.89 $26,350.28 Jan.-Dec. CW Signage Program -Replacement and installation of signs in parks, recreation centers and pools at the following locations: Lakewood / Dry Gulch Park (1100 N Perry St), Ciancio Park (4001 N Lipan St), Columbus Park (1501 W. 38th Ave), Jacobs Park (1101 S. Quebec St), directional signage at Derby Lateral/Highline Canal, Northfield Pond Park (4801 N Spruce Way), Fishback Park (818 Water St), etc.
24794 220 $2,158,919.58 $477,543.48 Jan.-Dec. CW Structure Rehabilitation - Roof and carpet replacement at S. Jason Street Park Maintenance Shop (Jason St), Repairs at Yale Park Maintenance Shop.
24795 220 $1,135,698.76 $235,332.85 Jan.-Dec. Citywide tree program - planting and trimming of trees in various parks across the City including Montbello Civic Center Park (4401 N Crown Blvd), Paco Sanchez Park (1290 N Knox Ct), Lakewood/Dry Gulch Park (1100 N Perry St), Ciancio Park (4001 N Lipan St), Columbus Park (1501 W 38th Ave), Jacobs Park (1101 S. Quebec St), Northfield Pond Park (4801 N Spruce Way), Fishback Park (818 Water St), etc.
24796 220 $374,891.06 $35,232.35 April-October Citywide turf restoration - turf installation, restoration, additions, fertilization, and irrigation at the following parks: Montbello Civic Center Park (4401 N Crown Blvd), Paco Sanchez Park (1290 N Knot Ct), Veterans Park (2100 E Iowa Ave), Manley Park (400 N Josephine St), Lowry Sports Complex (8200 E Sports Blvd), Johnson-Habitat Park (610 S Jason St), Central Park (8801 E MLK, Jr. Blvd), etc.
24797 220 $2,068,241.10 $767,738.71 April-October Citywide Water Conservation - Irrigation replacement, parts, bores, and repairs in the following parks: Highline Canal (Colorado to Parker), Great Lawn Park (101 N Yosemite St), Newton Park (11026 S. Highway 285), Harvard Gulch Mini Park (2489 S Marion St), Rocky Mountain Lake Park (3301 W 46th Ave), Railyard Dog Park (2111 19th St), Bible Park (6802 E Yale Ave), etc.
24798 210 $1,665,959.41 $18,325.90 March-December Denver Zoo Gnrl Repairs - Repairs to structures, railings and irrigation at the Denver Zoo.
24799 210 $306,753.57 $115,800.69 Feb., March, April Construction of shelter/restroom and bison overlook at Genesee Park (26771 Genesee Lane)
24800 210 $523,423.85 $3,489.10 March-December Greenhouse Renovation - Remodel/upgrades of Greenhouse including boiler house, furniture, fixtures & equipment (Washington Park)
24801 210 $1,824,277.00 $975,000.00 March Gulch Park Improvements including design and construction at Westerly Creek Greenway (Westerly Creek) and Weir Gulch (Weir Gulch Park/Weir Gulch)
24802 210 $177,670.43 $1,843.77 Feb. - June South Jason Street Remodel/Construction/Asbestos Abatement (700 S Jason St)
24803 210 $194,126.63 $56,525.46 May-August South Jason Street Remodel/Construction/Asbestos Abatement (700 S Jason St)
24804 210 $1,383,329.99 $106,625.70 Feb., May, Aug., Dec Debt payment for park maintenance shop at Jason Street.
24805 210 $322,847.34 $26,728.75 April-December Implementation of point of sale system (software) in recreation centers including Aztlan Rec Center (4435 Navajo St), Hiawatha David Jr Rec Center (3334 Holly St), Montbello Rec Center (15555 E 53rd Ave), Highland Rec Center (2880 Osceloa St), Ashland Rec Center (2474 W Dunkeld Pl), Stapleton Rec Center (5090 Broadway), Globeville Rec Center (4496 Grant St), etc.
24806 210 $175,000.00 $50,000.00 February Maintenance of Sand Creek Trail
24807 210 $274,953.46 $60,868.44 September Irrigation repairs and replacement in Washington Park (701 S Franklin St)
24808 210 $46,978.17 $46,978.17 May-Oct. Sullivan Gateway Site Evaluation for Restoration Plan in City Park (1700 N. York St)
24809 210 $50,000.00 $50,000.00 August New Park Land Purchase (876 S. Irving St; 2863 Fairfax St)