Status of CTF and Spending Report
Teller County (60010)

Distribution Year: 2015
Beginning Conservation Trust Fund Balance (1/1/2015): $495,278.34
March 2015 CTF Funds Received: $33,600.46
June 2015 CTF Funds Received: $39,848.11
September 2015 CTF Funds Received: $34,487.84
December 2015 CTF Funds Received: $31,935.25
Interest Earned in 2015:
Interest earned on CTF money must be allocated to the CTF account and reflected on this report.
Other CTF Revenue, if applicable:
Only funds repaid to CTF for ineligible expenses or a CTF transfer from another entity are applicable as "other CTF revenue". Grants should NOT be reported as "other CTF revenue".

Total Available Conservation Trust Funds: $636,089.68
Total 2015 CTF Expenditures: $61,329.08
Ending Balance (12/31/2015): $574,760.60

2015 Spending Report:

Valid Project Codes:

ID: Project Code: Total Project Cost: CTF Funds Used: Other Funds / Source: Date of Expenditure: Project (location and description of work performed)
24835 220 $48,301.75 $48,301.75 Jan-Dec 2015 Wages, FICA, Insurances, Retrement, Worker's Comp., Unemployment taxes for Maintnance peronnel
24836 220 $1,259.00 $1,259.00 JHan-Dec 2015 Irrigation water at Hayden Divide Community Park
24837 220 $645.19 $645.19 Jan-Dec 2015 Cell phone for Maintenance Personnel
24838 130 $8,080.07 $8,080.07 Jan-Dec 2015 Maintenace Vehicle operations to include pickup repair, maintenance and fuel
24839 130 $3,043.07 $3,043.07 Jan-Dec 2015 Miscellaneous supplies for all of the park maintenance throughout Teller County in include, oil, antifreeze for lawmowers, safety equipment such as ear plugs, weedeater repair, trimer purchase, zip ties,. repllace slide on playground. pump vaulted toilet.