Status of CTF and Spending Report
Logan County (38008)

Distribution Year: 2017
Beginning Conservation Trust Fund Balance (1/1/2017): $49,577.59
March 2017 CTF Funds Received: $15,352.39
June 2017 CTF Funds Received: $15,982.60
September 2017 CTF Funds Received: $16,076.89
December 2017 CTF Funds Received: $18,518.76
Interest Earned in 2017:
Interest earned on CTF money must be allocated to the CTF account and reflected on this report.
Other CTF Revenue, if applicable:
Only funds repaid to CTF for ineligible expenses or a CTF transfer from another entity are applicable as "other CTF revenue". Grants should NOT be reported as "other CTF revenue".

Total Available Conservation Trust Funds: $115,680.41
Total 2017 CTF Expenditures: $45,091.32
Ending Balance (12/31/2017): $70,589.09

2017 Spending Report:

Valid Project Codes:

ID: Project Code: Total Project Cost: CTF Funds Used: Other Funds / Source: Date of Expenditure: Project (location and description of work performed)
28650 210 $8,482.31 $8,482.31 04/2017-08/2017 Built new crows nest over the main rodeo arena for announcers and contestants during the county rodeo or other main arena events.
28651 210 $5,083.97 $5,083.97 03/2017-08/2017 Built new metal archways to enhance entrances in to the fair grounds for a variety of community events including the fair, concerts, weddings and other activities.
28652 210 $2,822.24 $2,822.24 10/2017 Added new light to fairgrounds parking lot for increased security during county fair and other activities held at the fairgrounds.
28653 210 $2,700.00 $2,700.00 06/2017 Upgraded the Exhibit Center kitchen with fire control system complete with gas valve and electric switches to meet code. The kitchen is utilitized during the annual fair as well as weddings and other events held at the fairgrounds or in the Exhibit Center.
28654 210 $725.36 $725.36 08/2017 Installed a new recepticle on the midway for vendors to use during the annual county fair.
28655 210 $4,596.85 $4,596.85 07/2017-08/2017 Updated bathroom on south end of Grandstands at the fairgrounds to include new toilets and upgraded wiring. Bathrooms are used during the annual fair, night show concert and directly across from the covered beer garden .
28656 210 $182.90 $182.90 12/2017 New signs for the arena gate area for contestants main entry to the fairgrounds for rodeos, demolition derby, 4-H competitions, or other activities.
28657 220 $2,460.47 $2,460.47 09/2017 Repairs to parking lot at county fair following the summer activities and county fair. The annual fair attracts many vendors as well as a good sized carnival with heavy rides.
28658 220 $4,784.47 $4,784.47 06/2017-09/2017 Annual painting of the many facilities at the fairgrounds. Its important that the county reflects a clean and inviting environment to those attending the various events held through out the year.
28659 220 $3,530.33 $3,530.33 05/2017-10/2017 Repairs and maintenance to all equipment used at the county fairgrounds in order to maintain the facility. This inlcudes the tractor and equipment to work the arenas, mowers, skid loader to move equipment or manure removal, and other equipment used solely for maintaining the fairgrounds.
28660 220 $1,161.00 $1,161.00 06/2017-09/2017 Repairs and maintenance to the Exhibit Center located at county fair grounds to include HVAC system, repairs to exterior doors, and other general maitenance.
28661 130 $8,561.42 $8,561.42 02/2017-12/2017 On going repairs and maintenace at the County Fairgrounds facility. This includes repairs to tarps used to break the wind or rain on the open pavilions, misc repairs to bathrooms, welding supplies for fencing, door locks, keys, and other repairs necessary to maintain the county fairgrounds.