Fort Lyon Facility Conversion Task Force




Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community

The Fort Lyon Supportive Residential Community provides recovery oriented transitional housing to homeless individuals. The program combines housing with counseling, educational, vocational and employment services for up to 300 homeless and formerly homeless persons from across Colorado, with an emphasis on serving homeless veterans.

The Program is located at the former Fort Lyon VA Hospital in Bent County, Colorado, and is part of state and community efforts to re-purpose the facility to meet the needs of homeless individuals across the state and to catalyze the re-use of the facility to meet a variety of community needs. 


Program Logistics

  • This program began with 80 clients in September 2013, and increased to 200 clients by July 2014, maintaining a population of 300 clients by July 2015. 
  • Participation is voluntary, and participants are evaluated to ensure they demonstrate both the need and the desire to recover.  Transportation is provided to and from the campus on a weekly basis.
  • After completing their recovery and training, participants are seamlessly reintegrated back into the community of their choice with existing permanent housing vouchers, continued supportive services, and workforce assistance.  The end goal is to recover and reintegrate these individuals as productive members of society, not just get them off the streets.


Program Benefits

  • The public spends an average of $43,240 per person per year on medical & mental health services, substance abuse treatment, jail incarceration, and temporary shelter costs for a chronic homeless person living on the street. Ft Lyon will reduce this cost by 60%, averaging $16,813/ person.
  • This program will recover 100-200 of Colorado's most vulnerable homeless individuals every year, and make a significant step toward the goal of ending homelessness in Colorado.
  • This program will generate over $2.3m annually to the local economy and restore a critical part of the regional economy.


Community Partners

  • Colorado Health Care Policy and Finance Authority
  • Colorado Division of Behavioral Health
  • Bent County Commissioners and Office of Economic Development
  • Otero Junior College
  • Lamar Community College
  • Southeast Mental Health Services
  • Prowers Medical Center
  • Valley Wide Health Systems, Inc.
  • Colorado Coalition for the Homeless