2012 & 2014 Region Profiles & Reports

Image of Colorado Planning & Management Regions

Download a pdf version of this map here.

Colorado Planning and Management Regions: In 1977 the Governor of Colorado organized the 63 (64 in 2001) counties into 14 regions for general purpose planning, consistency of relationship, communications, process, and efficiencies to provide services. Regions are similar in physical size but differ considerably in population. Planning and Management regions are referred to by their numbers. A list of regions and their contacts are available on this website as well as a link to all of the services they provide. http://dola.colorado.gov/dlg/resources/regions.html

2012 Region Profiles : The State Demography Office compiles Region Profiles each year, which can be viewed below. These Socio-Economic profiles include data on the economy, population and labor market highlights of each region and county, as well as Forecasting Worksheets which show the relationship of the job forecast to the population forecast.


2014 Region Reports : In conjunction with regional organizations, the State Demography Office also produces Region Reports each year, which are designed to give the reader a broad understanding of the issues facing that region, their recent accomplishments and upcoming goals.